Saturday, June 12, 2010

i feel bad....

each and everytime after reading your blog, i feel i'm evil, mean, selfish and ...

i admit i'm stupid enough to look at your blog but curiousity kills. love is not about everything, y cann't you just let it go?

i cann't deny that i have phobia to reject some1 or to know some1 have feelings towards me. it just something happens in the past and i cann't get over it. so what i usually does when some1 confess is to act like nth happen and try to lie to myself that he was just joking.

some people always say how sad they feel to face rejection but have you guys ever thought of the feeling of the person who rejected you?

love is evil that's all i can say.

this post may sounds a little emo but i'm fine just slightly frustrated!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

kem kepimpinan

its hard to describe my feeling through words. you need to experience it yourself.

day 1

once we arrived at the destination, all of us was like telling each other you gonna be kidding me if this is the campsite because the place was so small and it doesn't looks like it can accomodate 100++ people. as usual, the camp started off with choosing penghulu and penghuluwati. you won't wan to know what happen because it was seriously funny when suraya said "pemimpin-pemimpin sedia" (ask her if you wan to know to complete story) hahas!!

after splitting into groups and arranged our stuff into the dom, we had lunch and blah blah blah...

couldn't sleep at night because i ter-slept during the night activity. william called me because i'm out of credit to text him. he told me how he met accident and blah blah blah. it was had to talk because i had to whisper to the phone since phone is not allowed in the camp and some of them were sleeping.

day 2
woke up at 5.45? thanks to those inconsiderate people making so much noise. haha!!
after that, we had to kumpul at the padang for the activity 5 perhentian.

kumpulan 6 and 7 dibubarkan so i entered group 2.

the 1st station was kawat. which they will randomly pick any people to give command. yea... i was choosen... (unfortunately). haha! what happen later you won't wan to know... thanks to suthan who talked to the tree...

blah blah blah.....

finished!!! balik rumah time.... i x payah naik bas because i followed deevesh car.. =p

*end of story*

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So tired today~and lazy~Feel so sleepy~

Friday, April 9, 2010

Random post...

Curi-curi take punya

Thursday, April 8, 2010

blogging again...

i'm bored enough to spam my own blog... haha!!

just bored...

i have no idea what should i do right now.... there's tons imcomplete homework but i just too lazy to do them.

i'm just making this random post to keep my blog alive. that's all~~~~ nightz ppl

Saturday, January 30, 2010

what a "wonderful" school....

let me tell my dear readers abt how " wonderful" is my school...

1st of all... lets get started with the tandas rules... my school toilet is all locked up and each class is only allow to a certain toilet.. how nonsense is that? in case of emergency? pee in the pants? haha!!

secondly, e-dicipline.... e-dicipline is all about recording every single misbehave of student on9. guess what? highlighter is not allow... if our highlighter got confiscate.. the school will phone our parents to claim it back and it will be recorded in the e-dicipline... don't you think that's pretty much ridiculous? not forgetting... we are also not allow to bring jacket to school... '

thirdly, our sivik exam.... sivik used to be some kind of exam which students doesn't have to study. but how... we have to read our buku peraturan in order to pass... answers must be exactly like the 1 in the buku peraturan in order to get it right.... that is just VERY VERY S-T-U-P-I-D!

not forgetting, every students is compulsory to buy a small note book with the school name on it to record whatever announcement.. that stupid little book cost 80 cents!! the 1 in the book shop is only 50 cent each!

this is just part of it... my school gonna be more and more "wonderful"... just stay back and wait...

thanks to HOO LAI LAI!!